Feline Gestation Chart



1 5th March 5th April 3rd May 3rd June 3rd July 3rd Aug 2nd Sept 3rd Oct 3rd Nov 3rd Dec 3rd Jan 2nd Feb
2 6th March 6th April 4th May 4th June 4th July 4th Aug 3rd Sept 4th Oct 4th Nov 4th Dec 4th Jan 3rd Feb
3 7th March 7th April 5th May 5th June 5th July 5th Aug 4th Sept 5th Oct 5th Nov 5th Dec 5th Jan 4th Feb
4 8th March 8th April 6th May 6th June 6th July 6th Aug 5th Sept 6th Oct 6th Nov 6th Dec 6th Jan 5th Feb
5 9th March 9th April 7th May 7th June 7th July 7th Aug 6th Sept 7th Oct 7th Nov 7th Dec 7th Jan 6th Feb
6 10th March 10th April 8th May 8th June 8th July 8th Aug 7th Sept 8th Oct 8th Nov 8th Dec 8th Jan 7th Feb
7 11th March 11th April 9th May 9th June 9th July 9th Aug 8th Sept 9th Oct 9th Nov 9th Dec 9th Jan 8th Feb
8 12th March 12th April 10th May 10th June 10th July 10th Aug 9th Sept 10th Oct 10th Nov 10th Dec 10th Jan 9th Feb
9 13th March 13th April 11th May 11th June 11th July 11th Aug 10th Sept 11th Oct 11th Nov 11th Dec 11th Jan 10th Feb
10 14th March 14th April 12th May 12th June 12th July 12th Aug 11th Sept 12th Oct 12th Nov 12th Dec 12th Jan 11th Feb
11 15th March 15th April 13th May 13th June 13th July 13th Aug 12th Sept 13th Oct 13th Nov 13th Dec 13th Jan 12th Feb
12 16th March 16th April 14th May 14th June 14th July 14th Aug 13th Sept 14th Oct 14th Nov 14th Dec 14th Jan 13th Feb
13 17th March 17th April 15th May 15th June 15th July 15th Aug 14th Sept 15th Oct 15th Nov 15th Dec 15th Jan 14th Feb
14 18th March 18th April 16th May 16th June 16th July 16th Aug 15th Sept 16th Oct 16th Nov 16th Dec 16th Jan 15th Feb
15 19th March 19th April 17th May 17th June 17th July  17th Aug 16th Sept 17th Oct 17th Nov 17th Dec 17th Jan 16th Feb
16 20th March 20th April 18th May 18th June 18th July 18th Aug 17th Sept 18th Oct 18th Nov 18th Dec 18th Jan 17th Feb
17 21st March 21st April 19th May 19th June 19th July 19th Aug 18th Sept 19th Oct 19th Nov 19th Dec 19th Jan 18th Feb
18 22nd March 22nd April 20th May 20th June 20th July 20th Aug 19th Sept 20th Oct 20th Nov 20th Dec 20th Jan 19th Feb
19 23rd March 23rd April 21st may 21st June 21st July 21st Aug 20th Sept 21st Oct 21st Nov 21st Dec 21st Jan 20th Feb
20 24th March 24th April 22nd May 22nd June 22nd July 22nd Aug 21st Sept 22nd Oct 22nd Nov 22n Dec 22nd Jan 21st Feb
21 25th March 25th April 23rd May 23rd June 23rd July 23rd Aug 22nd Sept 23rd Oct 23rd Nov 23rd Dec 23rd Jan 22nd Feb
22 26th March 26th April 24th May 24th June 24th July 24th Aug 23rd Sept 24th Oct 24th Nov 24th Dec 24th Jan 23rd Feb
23 27th March 27th April 25th May 25th June 25th July 25th Aug 24th Sept 25th Oct 25th Nov 25th Dec 25th Jan 24th Feb
24 28th March 28th April 26th May 26th June 26th July 26th Aug 25th Sept 26th Oct 26th Nov 26th Dec 26th Jan 25th Feb
25 29th March 29th April 27th May 27th June 27th July 27th Aug 26th Sept 27th Oct 27th Nov 27th Dec 27th Jan 26th Feb
26 30th March 30th April 28th May 28th June 28th July 28th Aug 27th Sept 28th Oct 28th Nov 28th Dec 28th Jan 27th Feb
27 31st March 1st May 29th May 29th June 29th July 29th Aug 28th Sept 29th Oct 29th Nov 29th Dec 29th Jan 28th Feb
28 1st April 2nd May 30th May 30th June 30th July 30th Aug 29th Sept 30th Oct 30th Nov 30th Dec 30th Jan 1st March
29 2nd April Leap 31st May 1st July 31st July 31st Aug 30th Sept 31st Oct 1st Dec 31st Dec 31st Jan 2nd March
30 3rd April ** 1st June 2nd July 1st August 1st Sept 1st Oct 1st Nov 2nd Dec 1st Jan 1st Feb 3rd March
31 4th April ** 2nd June ** 2nd Aug ** 2nd Oct 2nd Nov ** 2nd Jan ** 4th March

Select planned month of breeding from the top row and planned date from the far left column
Where they intersect will be 63 days