Charm  School


Ida and Isabell are sitting on the front porch of their Georgian Antabellum home sipping tea.


Isabell says, "Ida, you see this beautiful ring on my finger?"


Ida replies, "Yes", Isabell,"My husband gave this to me the night he proposed."


Ida, "That's nice"


Isabell, "Ida, you see that beautiful, red convertible car in the driveway?"


Ida, "Yes", Isabell, "My husband gave that to me on the birth of our first born son."


Ida, "That's nice"


Isabell, "Ida, you see this beautiful Georgian Antebellum home?"


Ida, "Yes", Isabell, "My husband gave this to me on our tenth wedding annivarsary."


Ida, "That's nice"


Isabell, "Ida, what has your husband ever done for you?"


Ida, "He sent me to charm school."


Isabell, "Charm school? What on earth did you need charm school for?"


Ida, "Well, I used to say f*ck you, now I say, ‘That's nice’ ”